The 7D2D Mod launcher 3.x provides an effortless way to play your favourite mods for 7 Days to Die, while keeping them updated automatically for you. It also provides an easy way to explore and finds new mods.

The 3.x Release of the Mod Launcher has been re-done completely in Unity, with the goal of being compatible with Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Currently, only Linux and Windows is known to work, while MacOS is very theoretical now. We are welcoming

any and all feedback.

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The New 7D2D Mod Launcher Link can be found here:


  • Discover and install new mods easily and quickly
  • Keeps your mod installations separate; avoid potential conflicts with over hauls
  • Automatically updates itself to the latest version
  • Automatically updates the mods each time you play, while also giving you the option to keep playing on your existing version
  • Allows you to customize even overhauls, using the integrated Modlet Management Tool

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