Some modlets can be added to Mods as well, to further customize your game play.

Note: Adding Modlets to an existing Mod may or may not work, depending on what changes the Mod has done, and which modlet it is. The Mod Author is not responsible for troubleshooting issues related to adding additional modlets to their mod.

1) Install a Mod you want to play.

Note: For this example, we are using Taza's Grave by MrCerealGuy

2) Click on the Add More Mods

This will open up the Mod Downloader

3) The Mod Download will pop up

The Mod Profiles will be set to Default, which will show all the modlets currently available to the Mod Launcher.  The first time loading can take a minute or two, depending on how many modlets are available.

4) Pick a few modlets that you are interested, but click on its check box in the Enabled column

5) Click on Install And Close

This will download and install the selected modlets. The Mod Downloader will close itself when it's done.

6) The Installed Modlets will be displayed


  • Click on the modlet to add a check mark to it, then you can enable, disable, or delete it

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