What does the 7D2D Blood Moon Notifier do?

The 7D2D Blood Moon Notifier is a small program that will monitor one or more 7D2D servers, and finds the current server time. The program will then convert the time, and try to find out how long until the need in-game Blood Moon will hit.

During a Blood Moon day, the notifier will send you desktop notifications that tell you there's a Blood Moon event coming up on that server. Optionally, it will also send you an email, giving you a heads up!

It will also report to you how many players are online

Why do we need a 7D2D Blood Moon Notifier?

The Blood Moon Notifier was created to help deal with the aggressive hordes on the Official Forum Fanatics servers. This allows members of the server to monitor the server when they are not playing, and get alerted if there is a Blood Moon. It will also let you know how many players are online. We created this application so that individuals would not have to fight a strong 7th Day Horde alone.

Does this work for every 7 Days To Die Server?

The Blood Moon Notifier will only work on multi-player servers that have their query port opened.

The Blood Moon Notifier works by connecting to a 7 Days To Die Server's Query Port, which is typically the server's IP address that you connect to, plus the port number you use to connect to, plus 1. So if the Server's game port is 26000, then the Query Port will be 26001.

By default, the Blood Moon Notifier asks for the game port, then increments the port in the background for you.

Add your server, and, optionally, add your email.
Get desktop alerts telling you that it's a Blood Moon!
Hover over and get the latest time on the server!


Your email address is used to send you a notification email, from an unattended mailbox. Your email address is never stored anywhere by locally to your PC.

As long as you have a query port open, it will be able to query the server.

No, the 7D2D Blood Moon Notifier does not return or display a listing of who is playing, out of respect for the privacy of the players.

The 7D2D Blood Moon Notifier does not have access to a SMS in which to bounce out a message. However, some phone service providers offer text plans over an email-to-sms server. For example, Verizon may auto-forward email sent to @vtext.com. Charges may apply, so check with your provider first.

The 7D2D Blood Moon will poll the server every 10 minutes, and it will depend on how fast your day moves on the server. However, you can expect one or two emails every 7th Day, with an average of about 4 pop up notifications on your desktop.

Support can be found on the official 7 Days To Die forums and through email at Support@7d2dlauncher.org.