How To Install Mods:

Select your Destination Folder for Mods:

  • Click on any top level Mods, such as "Sphereii-mental"
  • Verify that the Destination Folder for Mods is:  C:\7D2D\
  • If you do not want to install mods here, click on the Blue Folder icon, and select a new path.

Select the Mod you Want to Play:

  • Search in the list for a mod that you are interested, such as  Sphereii-mental / WinterProject A17

  • The 7D2D Mod Launcher makes a copy of of the game for each mod. Select either Copy from an existing copy, or Download From Steam for a fresh copy.
  • Click on the Install Game

    • If you do not see a path under Copy from an existing copy, click on the drop down and select your steam folder.

    • Download From Steam Option:

               Enter in your Steam Username and Password, as well as the version you want.

                       Note: The Version is what is listed in the Steam's Beta tab.

  • Some mods are large, and need time to install initially. Press the Pre-Sync Mod button to pre download.

The download progress will be displayed below. Depending on your internet speed, this may take a few minutes

Once complete, it'll tell you the Total Download Time:

  • Press the Play Mod button

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