The Mod Launcher uses XML Configuration files for each Mod it displays.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


       <ServerGroup Name="Testing" Logo="" Description="">

               <Server Name="MyTestMod" Logo="">

                       <Description>This is my Description

More lines in my description

Visit my website!












ServerGroup Name:  This is the Mod's overall name. It'll show up as a Top Level for Mods.

Server Name: This is an entry for an individual mod.

Description: The description of the Mod

DownloadMode:  Clone, which will use Github and Gitlab hooks to download. Leave blank for a direct download of a zip file.

SubscriptionLink: This is the direct link to a subscription text

Version: Which version of the Game it uses. It's used by the Download From Steam option, so should match the Beta entry  (alpha17.0, alpha16.4, etc)

ReleaseNotes: Web link to the Release notes

Downloads: A list of downloads; either git paths or zip files.

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