Starting Splash Screen

This is the default screen of the Mod Launcher.

1 )   Mod List

This is where all the available Mods are listed. The Top level ( current mod shown above ) are the "Mod Groups". Under neath those headings, you'll find the actual mods.

By clicking on DUST2DEATH, you'll see 4 mods to install.

Open URL: If you are playing a private mod, or need special files for a server, the server administrator may give you a Mod Launcher Configuration file link. Click on this button to add it.

Open local file: Same as above, with the Mod Launcher Configuration file link, but with a file on your local hard drive.

Add new My Mods: This allows you to make your own entry, with download links, access to modlets, etc.

2 ) Destination Folder

This is where all the Mods will be installed, in the Destination Folder for Mods. Click on the Blue Folder to change the default

3 ) Installed Mods

This show all the Mods you have installed.

Click on Go To to take you to the Mod

Click on Play to update the mod, and start playing.

Click on Uninstall to delete it, and all its files.

4 ) Recent Changes to the Mod Launcher

This shows you the recent changes that's been done to the Mod Launcher

5 ) Check For Update

The Mod Launcher will check for an update every time it starts. You can click on this button to force a check.

Shows the current version of the Mod Launcher

6 ) Extra Options

Run Game As Admin: Runs the Game with Administrative rights. This is needed sometimes when the game can't see that you are connected to Steam, even if you are.

Disable SSL: By default, everything is done over a secure connection. However, sometimes this gets filtered. Check this if you are having trouble seeing the Mod Listing.

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