Mods Screen

The Mods Screen has a lot of functionality, so let's take a look.

An installed Mod shows up with a green check mark

1 ) This is the path where the Mod is installed

Click on the button with the three Dots, or anywhere on the path in yellow, and it will open up a Windows Explorer window at that location.

2 ) Mod Utilities

Release Notes:  If the mod has some release notes, showing changes, you can click on this button to view it.

Mod Website: If the mod has a web site, you can click on this button to visit it.

Pre-Sync Mod: When you first install a Mod, you can press Pre-Sync Mod, which will download the Mod, but will not install it. It's recommend to always Pre-Sync a mod.

Log Files: If you are having a problem, you can click on Log Files to show the available log files

Delete Downloads: The Mod Launcher downloads files in a folder called TempMods. If you are having trouble with the download, clicking on Delete Downloads will clear out potentially bad downloads.

3 ) More Mod Utilities

Clear Config:  Starting in version 2.0.50 of the Mod Launcher, configurations are stored in a file. Pressing Clear Config will remove the Mod's configuration settings, re-setting it to default.

Delete Complete: This will remove the Downloads and the copy of the game completely. It will not delete your save game.

Edit Mod: This button is only available for the My Mods, and let's you edit and change the download links

4 ) Game Options

Refresh Mods Automatically: This tells the Mod Launcher to keep the mod up to date. If the mod author makes a change, the mod launcher will update the mod automatically for you if this is checked.

Use EAC:  EAC is the protection system 7 Days To Die uses. Some mods are not EAC-safe, so this option may have to be turned off.

Disable UNET:  Disables the UNET Protocol, which has caused problems in the past with connecting to servers.

Update Registry: If the mod you are playing has a server IP and port set up for it, then this will update the "Connect To" box in the Join A Game window.

Direct Download: The Mod Launcher has two ways of downloading files: Through git and direct downloads. Checking this will download the zip file directly. However, it will re-download the full file each time. Only check this if you are having a problem with the download otherwise.

Save All Games Local to Mod: This tells the game to install all save games under a folder, C:\7D2D\Saves by default, based on the Mod name. When you load a mod with this checked, it's save games will be the only ones showing up in Continue a Game. This is to help prevent accidentally loading the wrong world with the wrong mod.

5 ) Curated List

Some Mods may offer a curated list of modlets. Clicking on this link will open the Mod Download, allowing you to add extra modlets that the Mod Author thinks you'll enjoy.

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