Managing Modlets

Modlets are mods that are self-contained, and general will play well with other mods. They add or tweak small features to allow you to customize your game play experience.

Click on the Modlets button to open up the Modlet Management.

The Modlet Management screen, as seen below, lists the available mods, and a brief description. 

Select which modlet you want to install and click on the Install button.

Once installed, the following options are available:

Under Your Added Modlets, you will see some letters and numbers. Each modlet has a 4-digit Hex code that is more or less unique to each modlet.

If you have a set of Modlets that you like playing, you can copy and paste this text value, and share it with your friends. They, in turn, can paste it under their Available Modlets, and will only show them those modlets.

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