Modlet Distribution

Modlets are fun to write, and fun to use. With so many to chose from, a lot of great modlets are falling through the cracks.

The Mod Launcher has added in features to help people find your modlets and download them easily. However, in order for them to be listed, there's a little bit of leg work on your part that's needed.

As with most mods, we are encouraging people to use GitHub to host their mods. It allows us to download everything, or only download the smaller things that have changed since last time the mod was played.

Note: Github has a limit of 100 megs per file. If your mod has files that are over 100 megs, it's recommended that you use to host it. It's also free and works mostly the same.

It's recommend that you have a single repository for all your modlets. For example, my Github for my Mods is located here: Each Modlet is in its own folder.

Once you have it set up, send me your Github link, and I'll list them.


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Dropbox, MediaFire, Google Drive Warnings:

Modlets that are to appear in the Mod Launcher cannot be hosted on DropBox, MediaFire, or Google drive. The ModInfo.xml needs to be available for the Mod Launcher to find and show the descriptions. Those links also can expire, hit maximum download amounts, or otherwise disappear.

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