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Add new My Mods: This let's you install a new My Mods, letting you specify your own download links

Open URL...: If someone gives you a private Mod Launcher Configuration, click on this option to add it.

Open File...: Same as above, but with a local file instead of a web link

Load Defaults: This will re-reading the Mod Launcher's Mod list, refreshing it. This happens on every restart as well.


Clear Steam Paths: This will remove the history of all your steam paths, which are used in Copy From existing.

Clear Mod History: If you have mix of old mods, you can clear this to remove them.

Clear Copy From Existing: This will remove the history of all your steam paths

Clear Configurations: As of 2.0.50, the Mod Launcher uses a configuration file. This will delete that, and all profiles, loading everything by default.

Exit: Closes the Mod Launcher

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Patches: This will install some pre-made patches (Advaned Users )

Settings: Old Settings Screen

Log Files: Open up a dialog box for Log files

Open Configuration File: As of 2.0.50, this will open the Mod Launcher's configuration file.

View Saved Games: This will show you were all your Save Game folders are stored.


If you are interested in Donating to support the Mod Launcher development costs, this will take you to a PayPal link.


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