Mods Screen

The Mods Screen has a lot of functionality, so let's take a look.

An available Mod, that is not installed, shows a red X.

1 ) "Copy from an existing copy"

The Mod Launcher makes a copy of the game to install mods. This is what the Mod Launcher will use to make a copy from. If you have a Mods folder, the Mod Launcher will remove the copied mods folder, starting you off fresh.

If you do not see the copy you want to use, click on the down arrow to expand the list, and choose Pick A Folder.

2) Download From Steam

Note: For the Download From Steam option to work, the Mod Launcher will close your Steam Client, and restart it.

If you don't want to use a local copy, or if you need a different version of the game, you can choose to Download From Steam

Enter in your Steam username, and your password. You can also choose which version to download.

3 ) Install Game Copy

This will start either the Copy from an existing copy, or start the Steam download.

The Mod Launcher will show where the mod is being installed.

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