The following instructions will help get you started using GitHub Desktop.

1) Install GitHub Desktop and create an account

2) Create a new Repository from GitHub Desktop

Click on the File menu, then New Repository

Fill in Repository Name, and Description, and check Initialize this repository with a README

Click on Create repository when ready.

3) Click on Show in Explorer

4) Copy and Paste your Modlets in the new Window

5) In Github desktop, your files will show up.

6) in the Summary (required ) box, add in a summary, and click on Commit to master

If this is a new Repository, you'll see "Publish Repository". This will actually upload them.

If you have already published this repository, you'll see "Push origin"

Regardless of which one you see, push that link, and it'll upload your mods.

7) Click on the View on Github link

Any time you make changes to your modlets locally, copy them into your local Github Repository, and do another Commit to master, then a Push Origin.

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