The 7D2D Mod Launcher provides an effortless way to play your favourite mods for 7 Days To Die.

  • Automatically updates to the latest versions of the mods from your selected servers
  • Automatically sets server address in your Connect to Server window
  • Connect to different servers, using different mods
  • Supporting My Mods to provide a wider player base for mods

For Players

One of the most frustrating things about playing on a modded server is when new mods are installed on the server, and you are suddenly out of date. The 7D2D Mod Launcher will keep an eye on the download links, downloading new updates every time you play.

Trying a mod for the first time and it's broken? No worries, move unto the next mod and wait until it gets fixed. No more hassles with trying to integrate the changes yourself, making backups or fighting with compatible mods.

Play pre-existing combinations that are known to work, or better yet, make your own unique combinations, and share them with the community.

For Server Administrators

The 7D2D Mod Launcher provides a single file configuration that lets you specify your download links to your mods, links to your website, and other information. By providing that file to your players, they will keep up to date with all your changes that you do, without having to hunt down forum posts.

  • Simple XML file configuration that lists all your servers and download links
  • Centralize the link, using a service provider like Text Uploader. The 7D2D Mod Launcher will load the new version.

For Modders

The 7D2D Mod Launcher provides you with a wider player base to use your mods. Either by rolling your own XML configuration file, or even just providing direct download links, your players will be able to play your mods effortlessly.

Display a listing of available servers and mods!
Single Player Mod support is available
Unofficial Community XML Fixes