Managing Modlets

Modlets are mods that are self-contained, and general will play well with other mods. They add or tweak small features to allow you to customize your game play experience.

The Mod Launcher has a new entry called Steam Version. This allows you to download mods directly into your Steam Folder.

Play : Starts up the Steam version with the listed Mods

Update Modlets: Opens up the Mod Downloader screen to find new modlets

Enable / Disable Selected : By default, all the modlets are enabled. However, you can add a check mark to each one, and click on Enable / Disable Selected to temporarily disable it, without having to re-download it.

Delete Selected : Deletes the modlet from your Mods folder.

Note: If you disable a modlet, it will stay disabled until you re-enable it, even if you have downloaded new versions. You can also disable modlets from other mods, not just your Steam Version install.

Click on the Find Modlets to open up the Mod Downloader screen.

The Mod Downloader screen, as seen below, lists the available mods, and a brief description.

Select which modlet you want to install by placing a check mark in its Enabled column. Once you have selected them all, click on Install And Close.

Once installed, you will be taken back to the mod, with the Installed modlets populated.

To remove Modlets, check the ones you do not want, and click on Delete Selected.  Depending on the modlet, a new game may be necessary.

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